Friday, August 3, 2012

Finally! Muscadines are in!

Bronze and Regular Muscadines From the Arbor

When we moved to our home, the landscape architect suggested we plant a few muscadine vines in an arbor out our side door.  He made it from cypress branches and trees he was cutting off his land. It came out great and provides that side of the house with a lot of shade in the afternoon.  Well, that was over 15 years ago and those two vines are as big around as my arm! The two varieties are the normal black grapes and a bronze variety, which is super sweet. Over the years, I've noticed the native black taking over, but when I can find the bronze, I head for them. We got these vines at Ison's, named after a man who developed this variety.

Another nice thing about grabbing a few grapes as I head in or out, is the fact that these grapes herald Fall on the horizon.  And Fall, my good friends, means cool weather, bird dogs, and hunting. Just like you count down the landmarks when driving home after a long trip, I count down the landmarks to Fall. Even though it's 95 today, when I pop one of these juicy berries in my mouth, in my mind, I'm walking up behind Ace, Ruby and Cap, gun up and ready for the flush.  Yeah!  Bring on the muscadines!