Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thought stream of a bird hunter.

Do you listen to yourself in the field?  I've come to realize bird hunting is a constant conversation with myself........

10 minutes in the life of a bird hunter:

She's heading in the right direction. . Can I get over that fence. Where is she Where's the sun Is she in that grass  Boy, my right boot is dirty! This rock is Scorio. Weird name. Like Caliche in New Mexico.  Where is the wind  Where is she  There she is. What time is it? What time is it at home? Where is she? Do I really need to go up that mountain I can go around it. Where is she?  Where's the wind? Grass. Why do cow pies have an indentation in the middle?  My legs burn. I'm thirsty. Where is she? Where's the wind?  The birds should be right over there. Where is the wind? If we go on out and turn left we can come down to the birds upwind.  Where is she?  There she is  She's running easy. My right leg hurts. I hope these boots last rest of the season. Ok, her pager just went off! Straight ahead, 100 yards! There she is Good spot, they should be on the side of that hill. I wish I had four legs to hump this hill like she does.  Wow, she looks good! Pick one bird and shoot at it.  Easy, girl. Easy. Easy. She is swearing to it. Kicking. Kicking. Safety on the top. Where's the wind  What? Gun's on the shoulder -feels good. Pick one bird. Pull the trigger. It's dropping. Where are the other ones? Look up see where they went. Dead bird, dead bird, look in there, dead bird. Give. Good girl! Limit is eight. No way! Come on girl, which way? Where's the wind Where's the sun How much battery is left on her collar? Where's the truck? Wow it's beautiful here. Could I live here? 100 yards, 150 yards, we should get singles.  Where is she? What's for dinner? Where's the sun How much time left today How did she get over there? Am I blacking out?  Did I reload? I guess it's automatic. Man my legs are tired. How far do I walk every day? How far did I walk?  How many feet in a mile? How many steps in a mile? Where is she Chinese sounds good. There is her pager! Here we go! Good girl.  Did she really say I could hunt in December? Sixes big enough for these birds? Or do I just think she said I can hunt in December? Easy girl, easy, easy! Leave it!  Hen. Hen! Good girl. Water? This way, girl. 

And so it goes.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

North Dakota hunting!