Saturday, June 26, 2021

Endless October (The Series). Now available on Amazon Books.

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Endless October- Bird Dogs and Bird Hunting Across America
Endless October and Endless October Season 2


For a traveling bird hunter, October is heaven on Earth. It's the author's favorite month. He is a story-teller, dog trainer, wingshooter, and wandering bird dog man. Every fall, he turns his truck north and west to match wits with grouse, pheasant, quail, and Chukar. He takes us through the years and the dogs. He tells the stories of coveys flushing, roosters cackling, quail running, shotguns, family, and even one unlucky yard chicken. He will take you west to Montana, Idaho, and Arizona, north to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, and south to Georgia. You can feel the wind, hear the exploding flush, smell the prairie, see the sunset, and taste sweet victory in the win. The journey isn't without a few bumps in the road, as Randy learns as much from his dogs as they do from him. From season to season, puppies grow up, dogs hit their prime, and old dogs die, but through it all, the yearning and the restlessness aren't satisfied until that glorious month of October.  

Season 2 in the life of a traveling bird hunter. Randy brings us more exciting stories of hunting across the country with his bird dogs. One dog gets lost in the desert of New Mexico, and a frantic search goes on for more than a week. One old campaigner hunts the mountains of southern Arizona like he's a bullet-proof three year old again -- right to the point of a thirty foot fall off a rock face. One old girl proves intelligence and desire can make up for lost youth. All these stories, and more, will get your heart pumping, your head nodding in agreement, and may even wet your eyes occasionally. Randy's goal is to make it to heaven in a cloud of dust, sliding to a halt, and exclaiming, "Wow! What a ride! Thank you, Jesus!" This book, the second one, so far, shows that he is a little farther down that road, and even more excited than ever!  

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Endless October- Season 2 Bird Dogs, Stories, and the Traveling Bird Hunter

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Endless October Season 2 (Proof)


This book is dedicated to the everyday bird hunters. The men or women who buy a dog, train it, and hunt it. They overcome fear, uncertainty, and financial obstacles along the way. They fear failure, training the wrong way, and lost or hurt dogs. They experience uncertainty about where to hunt, how to hunt, how to shoot, and how to handle and care for the dog. They have financial obstacles in buying equipment, guns, trucks, and traveling. And, despite all that, they load up, drive out, put dogs out, and, overcome a real fear of the unknown day ahead with a dog on the ground. They slide a few shells into their shotgun, turn into the cold breeze, and step forward into a brand-new adventure. They don’t field trial, blog, post, message, video, or share. They bond with their dog to become a predator team. They harvest the bounty that God provides, and they put meat on the table. This book is for them. 

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