These companies are most highly endorsed by me! I use their product, and find it to be exceptional in every measurable way.  I hope you will take the time to check them out.

WingWorks Hunting Vests
Originally developed by chukar hunters in the high-desert Northwest, Wingworks feature a weight bearing waist belt, 100 oz. plus water capacity and restriction-free movement for walking and shooting.They accommodate the layered clothing approach to the variety of weather encountered in fall hunting conditions. Durable Mesh, Cordura and Ballistic Cloth construction, simple adjustments, exceptional load capacity and small body footprint set WingWorks apart from the rest.  Built to hold up to hard use day after day, in a variety of climates and terrain.  Here is a YouTube video that explains some of the  features. https://youtu.be/eXu7FThZL9Ehttps://youtu.be/eXu7FThZL9E


Having a map program to hunt from is critical!  I BLOGGED about this several times over the years.  For the latest BLOG post- click HERE.

Now, you can get a complete premium, or lesser, membership for 20% off! Click HERE, or the link above to go to the GAIA website to get your discount.

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