ESP- Electronic Shooters Protection

Every time you shoot a gun without proper hearing protection you are assaulting your ears with up to 150 decibels (dB) of deafening sound. Repeat exposure over 90 dB will result in permanent hearing loss while a single gun blast of more than 120 dB can do the same. More than 50 million shooters in the U.S. are currently at risk for developing some degree of noise-induced hearing loss…the world’s most common and preventable disability.

Since 1994, Electronic Shooters Protection (ESP) has been providing shooters with state-of-the-art electronic hearing protection for shooting. Each set of ESP’s are custom fit to your ears for all day comfort and proper protection. The custom fit is so precise, you’ll forget you’re wearing them! Whether in a combat situation, hunting or competing in an event, the smart technology used within our earplugs gives you a competitive advantage allowing you to hear natural sounds other shooters cannot. While wearing your ESP’s, you’ll be the first to hear the launch of a trap or the flush of a bird. You can have normal conversation in a duck blind, talk with friends on the Sporting Clays course or easily communicate with your team in a tactical setting. All-the-while, your fragile hearing will remain properly protected from damaging noises such as gunfire.
Save yourself from a lifetime of hearing problems or complete hearing loss with ESP’s newly updated line of shooting hearing protection products. The most innovative and effective digital earplugs available to shooters.

WingWorks Hunting Vests

Originally developed by chukar hunters in the high-desert Northwest, Wingworks feature a weight bearing waist belt, 100 oz. plus water capacity and restriction-free movement for walking and shooting.They accommodate the layered clothing approach to the variety of weather encountered in fall hunting conditions. Durable Mesh, Cordura and Ballistic Cloth construction, simple adjustments, exceptional load capacity and small body footprint set WingWorks apart from the rest.  Built to hold up to hard use day after day, in a variety of climates and terrain.  Here is a YouTube video that explains some of the  features. https://youtu.be/eXu7FThZL9Ehttps://youtu.be/eXu7FThZL9E