Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dog Art

Many times, when you want to thank someone for being helpful, the appropriate gift just leaps to mind.  In this case, a friend in New Mexico, invited me into his circle and opened up vast swaths of territory for me to hunt.  Although, I could miss and swear at plenty of Blue Quail in my old haunts, it was really nice to walk new land.  He converted a horse barn next to the house into a "man cave", and installed 50 amp service and water for my camper next to it. (Don't you wish you had friends like this?)  I noticed in January, while relaxing after a long day cussing scalies, that in among the deer heads, flying duck mounts, pronghorn antlers, Bass jumping, Geese flying, and big screen TV hung on the wall, there was no metal art!  An idea began to take shape.  Out in that part of the country, there are many homes with metal art signs out by the road.  I thought, perhaps, my friends could use a metal sign.  

The investigation started.  I knew what I wanted, but I rapidly learned it would need to be a "custom" piece.  The pre-cut art I was seeing just didn't catch what I had in mind.  I called several businesses, from all over the country, and could not find what I needed.  Finally, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a metal art sign she was gifted by a friend of hers for her new business.  Bingo!  I gave her a call, got a number for the metal art business, made another call and found what I was looking for.  

Chris Weber,, answered the phone (720) 448-4927, and with her help the idea began to take shape.  From the shape of the birds, the terrain in the background, to the "trees" (as they call the mesquite bushes out in New Mexico), and the GSP bird dog shape (copyrighted), it was all custom designed by Chris with input from me.  I came close to making the dog a Brit- specifically, MY Brit, since I had the profile already digitized from my logo.  But, I knew my friend was looking at obtaining his first bird dog, a German Shorthair Pointer.  Chris suggested I use her (Copyrighted) artwork, and it looked perfect. This was a complicated project, mainly due to the mesquite trees, but the finished result was perfect.  More to the point, my friends are ecstatic!  It will be on the wall of the man cave soon.  

There are times when I like to highlight other people or businesses loosely related to bird dogs or bird hunting.  This is one of those times.  (I received no compensation, in any form, from anyone, concerning this post.)   Chris had an excellent grasp of what I wanted and made it happen. I encourage you to give Chris and Cimmaron Dog Art a call, or visit online, to handle that metal artwork you've always wanted hanging out front. #abirdhuntersthoughts, #gearthatworks, #abirdhunterthoughts