Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: "Hunt" by ONXMAPS iPad/iPhone App: Computers and Hunting.Finally, they caught up!

I'm 62 years old.  When I started hunting, dog's tails went straight out instead of straight up.  Leather boots, waxed cotton and wool were worn and real bird hunters had pointers and/or setters and we weren't too sure about the setters. 

Now, of course, none of that is the case.  Also, I use my iPhone and iPad and GPS as well as my BLM maps.

Typical Page in the Program
I did an article on hunting and technology and how it makes scouting and entering new areas so much easier. (See: Now the same folks that sell GPS chips for Garmin units came up with an iPad App that has almost everything you need.  Above is a screen shot of my iPad with a random area of Montana.  I shows BLM land, Block Management land, land ownership names, roads, and even satellite view of the area. You can even download maps and still use the GPS feature of the maps while not in cell coverage.  You can measure areas or distances, share the screen via email or photo, layer on a topo map, take photos of the spot you are and add text and symbols to the maps. You can mark trucks, windmills, etc. using the on board library. Not all states are included, but many of the states I hunt are. Montana (shown above, which I will be visiting for Ruffed Grouse and Blue Grouse in September), Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, to name a few.  When you download the app, the list is on it and you just tell it which state to download the data. 

To this point, I've been buying gps chips for my Garmin ASTRO and downloading the same data directly in to my computer. At about $100 each, I was putting $300+ in to GPS info.  It was a one-time cost.  This program charges $35 for each state. for each unit (once for my iPad and once for my iPhone- total $70).  Per year. You would need to do the math and look at all the features of this new app before making a decision.  For me, I think the features of this app outweigh buying the chip. Of course, anyone that goes in to the western areas without paper maps and compass and the knowledge to use them is crazy.  NEVER rely on a cell phone or handheld GPS unit to get out alive!

I just got a very nice email from Matt Seidel with Hunting GPS Maps.  (Apparently, other people than just my mom read this BLOG!)  One download can be used on two devices.  So, my Montana download with all the BMA, BLM and private ownership information on it can be on my iPad and iPhone, both. He nicely offered to  let me download another state to even up the payments I made.  You gotta love that customer service!  Also, the website dealing with all this is:

To use this feature, one would download the App at the AppStore, then pick the state to download the data to the selected device.