Monday, September 2, 2013

It won't be long now!

She has numerous placements in NSTRA already. She is only three years old.

What a great litter this will be! My NSTRA champion dog Ace is the sire. Ruby is an excellent hunting dog in her own right. I am looking forward to keeping a pup for myself. I still remember the day she retrieved a Sharptail grouse out of a coulee for me in Montana. She was only seven months old. Another time on that same hunt, I dropped three Huns on a covey rise. She found and retrieved two of them, and then disappeared. I whistled and called for about two minutes. She came up out of another coulee about 200 yards away with the bird in her mouth. Evidently, the bird had run after I knocked it down. She tracked it all the way down there, picked it up, and brought it to hand.

These will be some fine pups!