Friday, September 27, 2013

The weather changed! We are thankful!

We had a rough few days with the high temperatures. But, then, the clouds came in and it started to rain and the temperature dropped. Now the temperature is about 40°, the wind is about 25 mph. Just about perfect.

Both the dogs and I are rusty. It took a little convincing on my part, but finally, I realized my own legs took a little while to get used to this again. The dogs, of course, had no problem. Ace, is about as old as me. He tended to get a little slower during the day. Cap and Bandit, no problem whatsoever.  

Ace is still my go-to guy. Cap and Bandit are coming along great. But Ace has eight seasons of bird hunting behind him. And, it shows when it comes to finding birds.


We are hunting Sharptailed Grouse and Hungarian Partridge.  Or, as we refer to them, Sharps and Huns. Today we are moving further into the interior of Montana. We will be focusing more on Ruffed Grouse and Blue Grouse. 

Here are a few of them cooking on the grill. Took a lot of video, so far, and as soon as I figure how to get it on the blog, I'll post it!  I'm learning there is no substitute for pictures. Will do better.