Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Performance Trial, Waverly, NE

Bunch of Brittanies

Cap (left) and Ruby (right)

It's extremely difficult for me, and for the dogs, to let go of hunting season.  A few months ago, I took Cap and the Ball and Chain on an expedition to Idaho to see some friends and run one of their NSTRA Trials in the Northwest Region.  We had a great time and really loved the area and people!  Arriving home, I entered Cap in the Performance Trial in NE the end of May.  Driving out there would make the trip hassle-free and I do like to drive!  I figured I'd take Ruby along as a paid standby dog, in case one of the other dogs had to pull out.  As it turned out, Cap did not make the cut  to the second day, but Ruby was called up just prior to the start of the trial and made the cut on the first day, as well! She gave it all she had, but came up just a little short on her second run, and, so, we were eliminated. 

We met some super people, and even some guys we'd only corresponded with on Facebook and from this BLOG.  The top picture is the outfit of Nolan Huffman and all his Brittanies.  He was doing quite well in the trial when we left the afternoon of the second day. This was a great way to spend a few days and meet some bird dog people.  Next time, I think we will partake of the "pre-trial" and learn the fields a little more.  It seemed we were already behind the curve when we showed up, since the dogs really did not know the fields very well.  But, that's the game and I'm not complaining- just logging that in the memory for next time.

Yeah, wait 'til next year!!!!