Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finished! My new truck vault!

If you look carefully at the bottom picture, you can see that the vault fits perfectly between the wheel wells.  When the drawers are secured, I have perhaps 3 inches of play to the tailgate.  At the back of the vault (front of the truck), those two silver things are recessed hooks to pull up two lids for more storage space. Since this is Vault #1, the next one off the assemble line will take advantage of all the little things we learned finishing this one.  Glen is starting on his own box today.  The most difficult thing to get right is seating the locks properly and setting the striker plates, etc.  Inspecting closer, you may see how I made numerous small corrections.  At any rate, it is very solid, looks good and will allow me to carry and  lock my stuff on trips.  Now, I will attack that pile of stuff behind the driver's seat- some of which has been there 10 years or more. This should be interesting!