Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Randy and Ace- ID 2012

Randy and Cap- ID 2012

Randy, Ruby, Cap, Ace- ND 2011

The weather is (somewhat) cooler. The muscadines are loaded down.  The Tulip Poplars are turning. My pasture hay is being cut as I write.  It's almost time for hunting and trialing season.  Friends of mine are already in Montana preparing for the big national NSTRA trial in Lewistown, MT.  This year we will point the diesel north on September 22.  With stops in Illinois to visit a friend and South Dakota for the same, we will have dogs on the ground in Montana on the 24th.  They all swear they are ready, but I suspect they'd say that while dragging a broken leg. After all, that's the kind of dog I want- one that will hunt all day, every day. 

(I was just rudely interrupted by a friend calling from Idaho praising their new Ford F-350.  That's all I need!  I'm keeping my 2001 F-250 running fine at 330,000 miles and fighting off new truck fever.)

So, the truck vault is finished and ready to be packed with gear.  My first inclination is to the last in-first out method of packing.  I will look at items used every day and have them at the front- guns, shells, electronics, batteries, dog boots and tape.  Nest down the list would be items used, but infrequently and also, first aid/skunk formula, etc. followed by good stuff to have along, but not necessarily used every trip.  Finally, the bins in the back will be camping stuff, tarps, chains and emergency road stuff. That's the plan.....

It's not long now.  I'm trying to talk the B and C into flying to ID to meet me for a few days on Chukar and quail around the first week of October, but it's not looking good at this point.  I'll keep working that angle.