Saturday, August 11, 2012

Working on the truck vault!

Thanks to Glen Bahde, and his father who did the carpentry, I am very close to finishing my truck vault.  Made of poplar, oak, and marine-grade plywood, this a lifetime box. Glen put many hours in to the detail and finishing and the final touch is the Linex lining (spray in bed liner) on the exterior.  With two drawers, one lockable for guns and such and the other matching in size, I will have all the room I need to carry all my incidentals.  The dogs will be in kennels on the top.  Glen is pushing for me to get a "bed slide", in addition, and that may be in the future.  But, for now, I will carry the vault and my dog kennels under my truck topper. We have close to $800 in materials and I'm incredibly glad Glen is not charging by the hour for his time.  I noticed a similar commercial box, just recently, selling for close to $3800.  I have some trim work and adjustments to make and this bad boy will be sliding in to the bed of the old F-250 diesel...
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