Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tricks of the Trade

Ever wonder how you give water to your dog out in the middle of the prairie? It's not one of those pressing problems until your thirsty buddy is looking at you holding a water bottle and you are thinking about how to get it in to him without spilling half of it. I used go carry little cups and collapsible bottles and all manner of things when I had to hunt on the prairie. Now I just pull my hat off and pour the water in it. It works great! With the added benefit that when the dogs are finished, I get to put a cool hat back on my own head (that's cool in temperature- my hats are definitely not "cool"). My dogs now recognize when I call them in and take off my hat, they know it's watering time. My rule in hunting is to take enough water for you and the dog and give it all to the dog. Many places we hunt have ponds, lakes or streams and that makes it easy for the dogs to get all the water they need, but some places are high desert and you have to bring your own (such as Montana, TX, NM, ND, SD).