Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last Day before departure

I never can figure out exactly what to take. You'd think a guy like me that's been travelling all his life all over the world would be able to pack for a little two week trip! I mean- hot or cold? Well, it looks like 40's at night and 60-70's during the day. BUT, it could be 20's at night and 90's during the day. I'm hoping for the cooler weather, for sure. I'll take my favorite sweater, short and long sleeve shirts and jeans and canvas pants- heck, I usually wear the same thing for several days anyway- too tired to change out. Jacket and hats, etc. Raingear and gloves, vest, etc. Three 20-ga. guns and one 16-ga. should round out the gun load.

Depart at 0400 to pick up Dennis at 0500 in Marietta- then on the road again......

Dogs are ready, trailer is ready, guns are ready and I'm way past ready. I even gave Bo a little "come to Jesus" lecture about running off. We'll see if that worked- Ha!