Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 1

Like my daddy used to say- It rained like a was really raining! I think we got over 2 inches throughout the day and I was soaking wet. Temp was only 60 deg. so really not a problem. Saw 6 birds and got one in the bag, too. Pretty low numbers so far, but I'm sure the weather had a lot to do with it.

The picture is of one tired dog (Bo) at the end of the day. He disappeared around 4pm and I waited and waited and shot 4 times and blew my whistle, but finally I headed back to the truck to dry off. I left about an hour later and headed back down the trail to find my dog, sans gun. About a hundred yard in, a large gray, bushy tailed, gray with red and brown undertones dog came out of the brush beside the trail and walked to the middle- looking away from me. It was a wolf! I yelled and it turned, stared and loped away up the trail. I kept pushing on and, finally, about 4 hours after I last saw him- I found him! He was so tired he kept wanting to lie down and that's when I noticed the blood on his left hindquarter. A perfect puncture wound! My theory is that he knocked heads with a wolf and got away. Bo ain't talking either.....