Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here is the intrepid hunter in the morning looking all fresh, the "outfit" the call it up here- my trailer and truck parked, and Bo ready to go. We had a great day today. It started out real slow with just a few birds found and they jumped up too far out to shoot. Dennis got one finally, but I was bird less. Then at another field, we found a big covey and both of us got one. We moved to another ranch and jumped on a field that was dry last year, but this year I took my Ace dog. He found me three huge coveys in 30 minutes- I had my limit by 2pm! You should see this guy roll! He eats up the real estate and always knows where I am- I just stroll along and keep him in sight until I see him lock up. Then it's my turn to do my job- the pressure is on.