Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Hunting

We are finding birds- lots of birds. We will only hunt the alfalfa and only the thick stuff at that. Finding land to hunt is not hard, either. We know of a few sign in places that hold birds and on the way there we keep an eye out for likely looking ranches with thick alfalfa fields. Then we look for the green sign that indicates they are in the Block Management Program. Usually, the farmer's phone number is on the sign and we'll call them up and arrange a visit to the house for a 3 day (max) pass. There is no fee for this, other than your hunting license. We have about 50,000 ac. we can hunt this morning, of course only a small portion of that is suitable for Sharps, but, still, it sounds good.

My 16 ga. is the perfect gun for this! I'm shooting 6 shot Fiochi Golden Pheasant. Now, they are real proud of that shell, but, to me, it's worth the extra expense. Oh, and one more thing, in case you haven't bought shells this year, standby for sticker shock! What you were paying last year for a box of your favorites ($7) is more than doubled ($18). You can thank the Democrats for that- (Note!- Not really, but I always wanted to say that!).

Don't forget to get your BLM maps and Block Management Maps ahead of time. With a little planning, you can have a great time. I'm thinking it's even better up north. Well, I seem to have deleted my pictures off my computer and chip- so I'll talke a bunch today and try to catch up....don't forget...

Hunting is close to heaven behind a good dog.