Thursday, October 24, 2013

You want to what? Do an article about Ace and me? Why?

I got an email about a month ago from a guy who wanted to do an article about Ace and me and how we "interact".  Really?  Yep, he said, I want to publish it in an online magazine.  No cost to you.  OK, I said.  Let's do it.  I sent him some answers to a few questions, the name of my BLOG, and a few pictures.....and I promptly for got about it.

Yesterday, I got another email giving me the link to the article:(

Here is a small sample of the article:

Ace the hunting dog lives up to his pilot-inspired name

The Brittany spaniel is a National Shoot To Retrieve Association champion and loves to hunt grouse, partridge, and quail

Ace the hunting dog with his owner, Randy
Ace the hunting dog with his owner, Randy; all photos courtesy of Randall C. Schultz
Ace, an 8-year-old Brittany spaniel, was born to be a hunting dog. “Ace went hunting with me in Montana when he was less than a year old,” said Randall C. Schultz of Zebulon, Georgia.  “He was amazing! We hunted sharptail grouse and Hungarian partridge there. Then, we moved on to Texas and hunted blue quail. All along he performed like a much older and more mature dog.”
Schultz is an avid bird hunter who blogs about his dogs and hunting excursions at A Bird Hunter’s Thoughts. He’s owned Brittanys before, so it was natural for him to seek out another pup when he lost his beloved Rocket at 12.
Ace the hunting dog with his owner
Ace the hunting dog with his owner

“Rocket passed away after hunting for me all over the U.S.,” Schultz said. “I wanted another liver-colored Brittany and called a friend in Tennessee, who raises them.  He had an excellent litter and told me to come [see the pups].”
After choosing his pup to take home, Schultz, a retired airline pilot and Navy pilot, knew he needed a special name. “An ‘ace’ is a top pilot, so naturally I wanted my dog to be a top dog—so I called him Ace,” Schultz said.
Ace, who is a National Shoot To Retrieve Association champion, has an impressive resume of hunting game birds all over the country, including in Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, the Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, and New Mexico. “He likes to ride shotgun while I drive, and when I go in to eat at a truck stop, you can see him sitting in the front seat, taking care of the truck,” Schultz said.