Friday, October 18, 2013

My New Ride, Goodbye Old Buddy (2001 7.3 Diesel F-250)

I hope I can get at least as many miles out of this new truck! When I traded the old one in, it was showing just over 375,000 miles on the odometer, most of them driving to or from bird hunting. 


This one is an F-250 as well.  It has the new diesel engine and off road package.  It is the Lariat equipment package.  I've never had a back up camera before.  I figured they just made the backs of trucks a little stronger and the impact was an indicator you'd gone far enough. It's pretty cool to look back there, day or night and see what's coming! 

I didn't really need the NAV feature since I have 10+years of hunting spots around the country stored on my Garmin that sticks on the windshield, but it's pretty nice, too.  I can get a weather map on the screen and do all sorts of stuff by voice command.  Some of the stuff works, some doesn't.  I tried "Show me local movies."- no problem!  I tried "Show me the nearest Chinese Restaurant."- no problem. I was feeling pretty empowered at that point, so I tried "Call the War Department and tell her I want a new shotgun!" There are just some things this truck will not do.