Friday, November 16, 2012


So, I'm sitting around eating breakfast in North Dakota one morning. I overhear, about two tables down, a group of hunters talking about how things are going. One guy says, "I don't know what happened to him. Last I saw, he was packing up to go home." It was generally acknowledged that this hunter's presence would be missed. So, I listened little more. Apparently, the guy let his dog out of the motel to go to the bathroom. It promptly ran out into the road and was killed. What were the odds that would happen way out here in West Bethlehem, North Dakota? Not real good....but, it happened!  Heck yeah, I would be packing up and going home, too. In fact, I would be devastated.

Here's my problem. After having my dogs accosted by someone else's dogs in the same motel, I am wondering, "what is so hard about putting your dog on a leash?"  And, I know this is going to really get me in hot water, it seems like Lab people are the worst. Now, I know that old Rufus is the best trained dog in the entire world. I know he would never chase a squirrel, or a duck, or a cat, or a ball, or anything else out into a roadway. And, I know he is smarter than all of Congress combined. But, I don't want to meet him at six in the morning when he runs right into me and my dog, who is on leash. Even if he only wants to play. And especially, if he wants to bow up and fight my male.

If you want your Labrador to be spread all over the interstate, feel free to let him out at rest stops without a leash. Just, please do not do it when I am there.

Now, before I start getting hate mail from all you Labrador owners out there, I hasten to add that, in fact, I do know at least one Labrador owner that leashes his dog. But, he drives a Prius.

I love labs.