Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Does your Sunday Small Group do this?

I got back from the Dakotas just in time for Sunday service.  "Hey, how was the hunt?", "Pretty good, but pretty cold at times. Lots of very nice folks up there.  Man, they gotta be tough!" "Well, we've been thinking.....".  The next thing you know, Rusty has 100 birds and 700 acres and we are meeting at the cabin one Saturday morning.  My dogs, fresh off a two week hunt, are more than ready and I rotate through them all morning and in to the afternoon.  By and large, the shooting was abysmal, including mine, but the dog work was awesome and, at then end of the day, we harvested a bunch of birds.  It was a great way to get outside and acknowledge that God made men (and women) as the apex predator.  And, he made men flinty hard to be leaders and conquerors, and doers- strong in his Word and in defense of their families.  It seemed a far cry, out there, from the amorphous wimps we are told by our modern society we need to be.   We had fellowship only the hunt could foster and, best of all, we had a boatload of fun!  When you give thanks tomorrow, ask yourself, "Who am I thanking?"  I think you know who I'll be talking to. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!!