Friday, October 15, 2010

Safety and the Tracker

Folks, I do take to the field alone. Probably, that is not the optimum thing, and I must admit, I do enjoy a hunting partner on occasion.  For purely safety reasons, hunting alone is not a good idea.  Old men (and women) can step in holes, twist ankles, get slapped in the face with branches, break legs, etc.  I hunt with a FindMeSpot tracker on me at all times.  I convinced my wife, the financier, to get me one for my birthday (conveniently located on September 3) along with the tracking option.  Now, every year, that is my birthday present.  It's my "Help, I've fallen and can't get up!" button. 

I use it for checking in and out every day- it will send messages (email or text) to ten addresses- for marking significant spots and as a backup for getting stuck or, God forbid, seriously hurt.  When you hit the Help Button, those ten addresses get a HELP! notification (it must be pre-written, so have a plan) and a link to a GPS location on Google Maps.  I use this for getting seriously stuck or any other NON-life threatening situation. (Haven't needed it yet- but we have a plan.)  For life threatening problems- hit 911.  That will bypass the ten addresses and go directly to the nearest rescue facility. (I tell folks, if you hit that one, you will hear the chopper blades coming over the hill shortly!) 

All this is worldwide and not dependent on cell coverage.  (Coverage map available.)

I recently upgraded to the newer model and the transition was easy.  New model is smaller with one more mode for comm. 

Get and keep peace of mind.  Carry this tool with you.