Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cap has a Walkabout

So, I had my limit. All the dogs had run and now it was time for Cap. He's 5 1/2 months old and eager.  We started into the wind, up a fence line, daylight, sunny and him with a tracking collar (just to be safe). We worked along the line may 200 yds when he bumped a big rooster and chased it. I even have a movie of that. He came back and started working 30 yds in front of me- into the wind- perfect!  Then, he went over a rise and I was alone. I checked the Garmin and couldn't believe it! He was 300 yds away and going farther!  At 600 yds I became concerned and at .65 miles I really started blowing the whistle!  Finally, he turned and got 300 yds from me but then he was at 800 yds and moving west. Then 700 yards and moving north.  Finally, he turned again and  headed east, but still 750 yds out. I crested a rise in the wheat field and saw that he was following a ditch- if it was him. My mind started telling me I was following his tracker after he'd been killed by a wolf and the bitch was carrying his body back to the den for the pups. I crested another rise and realized we'd gone in a complete circle back to the truck.  As I got to the trailer, the little butthole leaned out of his open box and woofed at me!  I have never seen any dog run like that- ever!  Wait!  Yes I have.  His daddy, Ace.  When we were here in ND, that bonehead took off and I watched him crest hills on the horizon- I remember now.  Puzzle solved.  It's genetics!