Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pheasant Opportunity

"Hey, boss, I know there's another one out there!"
As I was departing North Dakota, I talked to the outfitter who arranged the land for me to hunt.  I do pay a trespass fee per day to hunt more land than I can walk.  In addition, there are thousands of acres of Private land open to hunters (PLOTS) in this area with great habitat.  As I wrote before, the birds are so plentiful all the hunting until now has produced a negligible reduction in numbers- I have the video to prove it.  There are vast fields of sunflowers and corn sill standing, and when those come down thousands of roosters will be looking for CRP and shelter, so the hunt-able numbers will climb even more. Most of this guy's land has ditches, CRP or treelines for shelter for the birds. His customer numbers are way down this year for whatever reason- the economy?- and he has many days in November available.  I stayed in a motel and just hunted the land, but he may have lodging available, depending on the dates.  All at a reasonable fee, in my opinion.  I can feel confident in recommending this outfit since I have had good results over the years.  (Disclaimer: You may have to walk a long ways and get tired.  You may have to actually spend a lot of time in the field every day.  You may get cold.  You may get hot.  You may get sunburned, windburned, sore feet, tired legs, hungry.  You may miss birds.  Your dogs may act stupid.  YOU may act stupid.  You will have a good time.  That's why they call it hunting.)

Rockin' Rooster Outfitters- 701-209-0220/ 701-209-0170- Jim