Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ready to Hunt

With the time  change and my usual get up time of 0500, here I sit on the third cup of Joe at 0449!  It's still blacker than six feet up an elephant's....(sorry, sometimes I slip back into the Navy jargon)......well, it's still dark.  I haven't heard a peep out of the dogs, yet.  I'm almost certain they are awake and listening with an ear cocked at the door of the trailer.

I'm using my Jones trailer this trip, just to make things easier.  With the storage and water and tie outs, it makes taking care of 4-6 dogs quick and easy.  Occasionally, it is tough to maneuver on a two-track in certain portions of the country, but it's worth the effort to give the dogs the comfort and protection of the Jones.  I'm glad I went with the "top of the line".  They ain't cheap (as my daddy used to say), but I don't mind spending for quality.

This is Cap's (Brit/M) first hunt and he's travelling well.  I really want to capture his first encounter with a pheasant  on video.  I bought a small handheld HD video camera to record as much as I can without totally giving my time over to just filming.  As a solo hunter, it's going to be juggling act!