Monday, March 22, 2010

"The sun got in my eyes....."

Bandit's first big trial was successful on many levels but fell short at the scorer's table.  He (We) came off the field with 2/2 and some pretty good scores.  It looks like we needed either one more bird or a back to make the cut.  The cut for the next run was made one dog above us.  They only take the top half to continue on .  Looking back, we have some very positive things to notice.  He was very biddable and did everything I asked.  He was energetic and intense and looked very good on his birds.  His retrieves were excellent.  I think his speed in covering the field was probably his biggest detriment.  It seemed, due to the cover, the slower and more methodical dogs managed to pick up the scent and do better today.  He's a good dog that with a little maturity may become much better. Either way, he's a great hunting companion.  We'll get 'em next year!

Oh! Pictured is Bandit's first trophy from a previous trial on the same fields.