Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Future is Now

I've been working on my follow up dogs, my next generation.  Ace is five next month, so it's time to look into a pup (or pups).  I called Beeline Kennels and arranged for a female pup from frozen semen direct from Buddy (he's gone).  She was whelped last week and I will be able to pick her up mid to late April.  That's a tremendous bloodline (Brittany men know that Buddy is a forty-two time NSTRA champion (or more) and is a great place to start when looking for bloodlines).  After all that, I also just bred Ace to a direct daughter of buddy, yesterday.  Will breed them again tomorrow and the litter will be on the gound about 60 days from now.  I'll keep one or two pups from that litter, too.  I already have people calling to sign up for pups from Ace's breeding (his grandfather was Buddy) and hope to get several females in the litter. 

So, the bottom line on all this is that I should have Ace, Bandit, Ruby (new pup) and Cap (new pup) hunting this September.  Ruby will be 7 mos. and Cap will 5 mos.  Can you say "goat rope".....  As in the past, I guess I'll track their progress by watching the flushing pheasant!  It should be FUN!

(Shown is Ace on Blue Quail in Texas)