Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kennel Upgrade

The old ball and chain found the barn the other day while looking for me.  She stumbled through dog crates, feed bags, tractor parts, dog boxes, dog trailers, training tables, old bricks, spreaders, diesel tanks, old hay bales, ATV's, lawn tractors and other essential stuff every man needs. When she finally came upon my kennels, she was mortified to notice my patch jobs where dogs have pushed and chewed their way out of the pens, etc.  So the up side is that I get new 9 ga. fabric throughout my five kennels runs and, finally, a six foot chain-link fence around the outside run!  That was the up-side.  The down-side is ........there is no down-side!  I am loving this!  I should have invited her out there sooner, but I'm afraid she'll look under the couch in my barn room and see a few shotguns.  "This old thing?  Heck, I've had this thing for years, and you know it only cost $200!"