Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Build Out. Or, How do I get all this stuff back in there?

The new Beast o' Birdin' is in the garage, or should I say, barn. It's a fancy, diesel burning, electronic marvel that updates itself and likes to find wifi (!).  It will give you the weather and local diesel prices and get you to the nearest honey hole in fine fashion.  So far, I think I like it a lot.  It's so quiet, the dogs don't even hear me sneaking up to the barn to check on them- awesome.

The time came to start the re-packing of 12 years of accumulated hunting supplies in to the new truck.  First, a topper was procured that had side opening windows.

Then the truck vault was installed.   Note:  The tailgate on this model ford does not lie flush with the bed necessitating the shim you see under the truck vault.  That enables the drawers to clear the tailgate. 

Lighting was installed overhead.  These are LED strip lights that run off the battery so I can feed dogs, or whatever, out in the bush and have plenty of light for all the dog chores of bird hunting.  

Next, I loaded up chains, MRE's, wool blankets, sleeping bags, spare diesel, heaters for the dogs and other miscellaneous.

Dog kennels are loaded and secured and this baby is ready for the ROAD! Actually, there's about a hundred smaller items to be packed in all the nooks and crannies, but you get the idea. 

Here is the finished product. A little naked with none of my favorite decals, but I think I can get a few of them installed before I leave next week.  

I hope I can get the 375,000 miles I got on my last truck.  If so, this one will take me through the last of my bird hunting years.....maybe.