Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OK, guys! This is how we do it!

Dixie, on the way to Nebraska

This little girl is one of four I will be delivering over the next week in Texas and Nebraska.  This poses an interesting dilemma for me in that I've never traveled with puppies this young. I do not want to use normal "rest stops" with these guys.  The pet areas are germ growing stations and theses young dogs don't need exposure to that. My plan is to just pull off the road in a rural area and find a relatively clean, grassy area and let them out on a lead do what they do. It will lengthen the journey some, but the safety to the pup with override any inconvenience.  

Another problem is feeding and watering.  Rather than having constant food available to them, I will feed them in the morning and water them soon after with a potty break.  Another feeding in late afternoon with the same routine should keep them well fed and watered.  The farthest traveled ones will only be cooped up 2 days, so it won't be too onerous on the them.  In addition, they will be in the cab of the truck with me- all four in a crate for entertainment.  

After the last delivery, we've been asked to hunt for a few days in Nebraska.  That sounded pretty good to me so I ran it by the kennel and got three paws up from the rest of the guys.  They'll need to cool their heels for a few days, but we'll be in roosters and quail in no time.  I'm sure looking forward to that! Stay tuned!