Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Mexico Mearns

I harvested 3 species of quail this trip. So far, all of them in only one state. By far, the most difficult for me was the Mearns Quail. In New Mexico, they are found in the grassy hills and mountains. They use their powerful claws to dig for roots and tubers under the soil. The area we are in has large areas of this disturbed soil around the bases of trees. After several hours of humping these hills, I was beginning to think Robert had me on a "snipe hunt". Our dogs were tired and I still wasn't over a lingering cold; we were heading downhill to the truck. The three of us gathered and discussed our next move when I heard the flush to my left. Dogs came up the draw with the birds as 4 Mearns flew over us. I picked one, shot behind it and dropped it with the follow up shot. A nice retrieve by UGG, Bob Wendling's Wirehair, completed the action. I do know there are some Bobwhites over in SE NM....

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