Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hunting the border

We left Douglas, AZ and headed East on the Geronimo trail about 10 miles. Along the way, we stopped and talked to several Border Patrol people. All of them were young (was I ever that young), polite and attentive. All of them tired to figure out why anyone would drive from Georgia to AZ to hunt quail. None of them were bird hunters- too bad. All of them said they never saw any quail around there...not good, I'm thinking to myself.... We put out in a little wash along the road, more to exercise the dogs than anything else. Immediately, we saw tracks- and lots of them. Well, that made things much more interesting! We walked that wash for about a mile, looking several coveys worth of tracks, but never hooking up with the nefarious birds. We did hook up with blankets, pants, shirts, water bottles, shoes, boot laces and more blankets just laying in the desert. This is cast off stuff from the illegals crossing the border. The BP said there was nothing to worry about, especially in the daytime. We can see the fence from a mile away, and Mexico, beyond. It really puts the stories in perspective when you see how harsh the environment is out here- and that is a Winter environment, not the summer one with temps in the 100's!

Back to the drawing boards. We will search to the West using my friend's information.