Friday, October 19, 2012

Three Kinds of Love

Hey!  You OK?
Cap meets Valley Quail in Idaho

You know, I look through pictures posted by proud hunters and handlers and I realize, over the years, I've had basically three kinds of dogs. Some are rock solid. They do the job, day in and day out. They don't run off, they turn when I whistle and they don't hog the bed. Some are just on the "ragged edge of control". God invented the Garmin for these boys. They are 40# of bird finding machine with no tolerance for any other dog being on the ground. If they aren't hunting, pointing and retrieving, they are thinking about it. They wouldn't give a soggy rat for a spot on the bed. And then, there is the third kind. They make me smile! They do it all with a grace and panache that reminds me of the beautiful  prom queen, valedictorian, athlete that all the boys love and the girls hate. These dogs are 100% "go" in the field, but always have time to check in. They are fast, quick, thorough and smart. And they live to please me; I swear, a frown from me is like I beat them. When they hit the bed, they try to burrow under my arm and get just as close as they can.

I love them all, but they are different.....and I do like to smile.