Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Into the Owyhees.

After an unproductive  morning cast with the young males, I headed to the mountains to find a stream in the harsh foothills- looking for chukar and quail. The drive in took over an hour on the washboard roads. I found a stream and an interesting old cabin, but no birds. It was over 90 degrees ! Let me tell you, the land is harsh, but amazingly beautiful! The top picture shows the old F-250 parked at the bottom of steep, cut road down to the creek (at the trees). I was thinking the entire time walking around..."I hope the truck cranks up!  It will take me quite a while to hike out in this heat- even though I am prepared." Thankfully, the 2001 7.3 diesel purred like only a diesel can and got me out of there. I know there were Chukar there.  I'll be back.