Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Time.

Sage Grouse, MT, 2011
Cap and Me on Valley Quail
Tomorrow, the old F-250 heads North. With stops in Illinois to pick up one of the hunting party, and another stop somewhere short, I should be chasing Sharptails and Huns Monday in Montana.  This year, I have the advantage of using my Glen Bahde Truck Vault (a one-of-a-kind at this point, since Glen hasn't finished his, yet.)  to store my guns, ammo and a mess of other stuff that gets hauled around the country every trip. Taking my three dogs (Ace, Ruby, Cap) and Glen's dog, Bandit, I won't need my Jones trailer this trip.  Since diesel is $4/gallon, that seemed a prudent decision.  Also, maneuvering around on those two tracks with a trailer, while sporting, can be a pain, occasionally.
My new Glen Bahde truck vault.

All the dogs will ride in crates on top of the truck vault.  It's a nice set up for traveling the back roads.  It seems most the hunters I meet out west have a version of this setup, so there must be something to it.