Friday, September 16, 2011

PSR- Live for the day!

PSR, it's what we all strive for.  Point, Shoot, Retrieve.  As I was on a 3 hour cast today, with my pup Cap, I got to pondering that.  Point, Shoot, Retrieve- all the rest is details.  I suppose you could write a book about each event and we all know the "devil is in the details", but PSR is really what it is all about.  Do you ever get dissatisfied after a hunt?   I find myself thinking of the finds we had throughout the day and critiquing my dogs and even myself. If I'm not careful, I will start getting too critical and then it becomes a competition.  I laughed coming in yesterday when I realized I'd worked myself up and what was a really nice day in the field, I was turning in to a disaster! "Hey", I reminded myself, "you are hunting and living your dream.  Get your head together and enjoy your dogs and blue sky and your friends, for crying out loud!"  I laugh as I remember how I really had to jerk my own chain!  If you are like me, start every day with the realization it may your last day behind a dog.  Enjoy it!!  Also, like I tell my hunting  friends, "Try to be the man your dog thinks you are!"