Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Minnesota Grouse Woods

We are hunting the Superior National Forest near Hoyt Lakes, MN. Scenes above show typical cover and the bottom pic is typical food, plus greens. We are getting only 6+ flushes per day and it's taking walking 10 miles per day to get those. If I wasn't in shape before I got here, I am now. The dogs are worn out and skinny from 12 straight days of hunting. It's tough to keep the dogs' weight up with all the running they do, but they are on double rations, plus a little wet food, too. Ruby, my young pup, is downright skinny. Today was the last day and we are heading back tomorrow. I'm looking for a stop in Osseo, WI to get my wife a pie at Norsk Nook! She said I could go hunting all I wanted, but if I'm anywhere near the Norske Nook, Osseo, WI, I'd bette come home with one of theor world famous, home cooked pies! Awesome.

Next trip is end of Oct to ND for pheasant!
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