Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rating the Dog Den 2

Ace in Dog Den 2
OK, I finally have enough experience putting these things together to have some advice.   All these are MINOR gripes! First, I don't care what the instructions say: those are NOT self-tapping screws (you only use 4 of them per box).  I don't know what they make the shell out of but it's probably space shuttle plastic.  Save yourself some time and drill a pilot hole.  I spent 20 minutes on a 1 minute job (attaching the latches to hold the roof down).  Second, the wood screw they give you (2 long wood screws per house) is weak.  I had some external wood screws that worked great.  Third, I got nothin'........these are easy to put together (including the heated model), the instructions are easy to understand.  AND, my dogs jumped right in and are very comfortable.  My old dog (Bo)  gave his heated model the "mule lookin' at a new gate" look and pouted for an hour or so, but he climbed in, too.  

My recommendation:  They are Cadillacs.  Get them.

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