Monday, January 31, 2011

Backyard Training Resumes

My two pups, Ruby (top) and Cap (bottom), have resumed training in the back pasture.  These shots were taken this week on pen raised quail.  Ruby is 10 mos. in the pictures and Cap is 9 mos. You can see the have the intensity.  Their quartering and objective work is top notch for that age, too.  Ruby is such a joy to hunt over- she's so biddable and she's a thinker- not a slow, plodding Brit at all.  Cap is all boy at this point.  Intense on point, bold on the hunt and, yet, he constantly checks for me, too.  Not much to complain about yet.  We'll see how they pan out. By my September Sharpie and Hun hunt in Montana, I think I should have two more pretty good dogs......
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