Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Full Day Yielded Some Fruit

Tough Day in the Desert!
Ruby 11 Months
With an entire day to roam my favorite spots, I took advantage and hit the most promising.  Last year, these were all dry holes, but the year before they were spectacular. Everything bird hunting out here depends on the weather- most particularly moisture.  In a year with good bird populations, the rain was the right amount at the right time.  It looked like the specific area I was hunting got at least a little of that rain.  We found and pointed 8 coveys over the day- now, that's not the 30 covey days my quail hunting friends claim while hunting in Texas in a good year.  But, it's good enough for me and my dogs.  It keeps us busy finding and thinking and shooting and scheming.  It makes for an awesome day.  Ruby, above, had a particularly good day for a pup under a year.  She pointed a nice covey (they flushed wild before I could get there) and then she pointed two doubles on the way to where the covey landed.  More important is the way she worked and handled!  It stirs my bird dog man soul to see a young dog make that transition from dog food processor to real live bird dog.  She's there.  Welcome to the club Flyboys Ruby Deux!