Monday, November 15, 2010

This Makes a Bird Dog Man Happy

Cap, my 6 mos. old pup, out of Ace, locked down on a Quail!
There is a time in the life of a new pup when it comes down to "It's time to put him on a bird and see what he does.".  Two days ago, I put a quail out in the grass for him and check-corded him downwind of the bird. He was mildly interested, sort of got a little birdy and I whoaed him just downwind of the quail and held him there. i reached in front and picked up the bird by the legs.  Of course, it flapped and feathers flew and we let it fly off while I praised him and let him sniff all the feathers and the scent from the bird..  He went nuts!  Jumping and barking and twisting- I knew then I had a good one. Yesterday, I hid another quail and eased him in downwind, again.  This time, as he got the scent, I whoaed him again- and he locked down.  Again, I let the bird make a lot of noise and motion and fly off.  Today, we did it again.  This time I didn't need to whoa him.  He locked up tight as you see him above.  I just told him "Bird, bird" and walked around him.  He stood there long enough for my wife to go back to the truck and retrieve my phone to take this picture (maybe 2 full minutes).  I reached in, flushed the bird, and we watched it fly.  Then we check-corded back to the barn and pen.  I can't wait to see him tomorrow.....I wonder if he'll be up to hunting in NM in January?