Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Instinct Shooting

I'm not a bad shot. In fact, I do OK in field trials and hunting all the species (except, of course, Ruffed Grouse, where I have about a 1-5 kill ratio).  I know of a guy who teaches "Instinct Shooting" and swears he can have me nailing them spot-on in one day.  His name is James Rutland.  He's a great guy and I think he can do what he says he can do.  In fact, I'm scheduled to see him December 6 for the lesson.  I know, personally, of a young lady who does NOT shoot and she just graduated from his class.  After she shot a Tums tablet out of the air with a BB gun, she went to the 20 ga. she just bought and shot clay pigeons for the first time, very successfully.  I'd give a number but I don't know what it is.  I do know she missed only 5 (out of how many, I don't know).  

Check out the website (He's near Ft. Benning, GA and they love him!)  James Rutland