Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Elitist Sport- maybe not!

To all my hunting and bird dog friends: How many folks do you know that have the bird dogs, money and time to hunt, but are really a little apprehensive about making that first foray into the "wild"? Pen-raised birds on a plantation are much more predictable, no doubt.  But, so is flying a Cessna 150 on a nice day- compared to launching a fully loaded Navy Attack jet off the front end of an Aircraft Carrier in the North Atlantic at night in a gale! Both are flying an airplane, but one is REALLY flying! Or driving the family truckster, compared to a NASCAR ride around Atlanta Motor Speedway. Both are driving, but one is DRIVING!  How do we get people INTO the field? Would you or anyone you know like to know the "ins and outs" of taking your hunting dog hunting?  How about a get together to talk about logistics, navigation, electronics, dog care and all the cool stuff.  All designed to let you feel better about taking your bird dog into the field.  After all, "paws on the ground and birds in the bag" are what it's all about- right?