Friday, May 7, 2010

Chips and the Bird Dog

My policy is to have all my valuable dogs chipped- period!  As I travel around the country and talk to vets, I always ask them about the microchip technology.  It is extremely common around the country now for vets to have the technology to scan for chips.  It's even more common for Humane Shelters to have the equipment.  My vet today said, as I was getting Ruby chipped at 10 weeks old, the biggest problem is the owner not keeping the contact information up to date.  Dudes, the chip won't track YOU down (lol)!  My wife asked if this was a gps chip that would track the dog? Actually, I told her, those are probably not far off as an implanted chip- not a bad idea.  I use the Home Again chip.  I haven't actually lost a chipped dog yet, but they seem to have their ducks all in a row, at this point. I do know that I would leave the implanting to the vet, but that's just me.  Most highly recommended!