Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weather Changing

Sixty degrees!  That will be the high this weekend in Zebulon, my home in the local paradise about fifty years south of Atlanta, GA.  In my work as a Real Estate Agent, I've been bundling up in hunting clothes to show and inspect property.  You'd be amazed at the dual purpose I can put my bird hunting clothes to- rain and cold, lately, snow and cold don't slow me down at all! 

But sixty degrees!  It'll be time to put the muscadines in the ground for that new grape arbor I've been working on and spraying the bulb beds and lawn with pre-emergent to keep the weed seeds blown in from the pasture from germinating.  There's fence-mending, tree pruning, pool cleaning, flower bed preparation and an entire laundry list of chores the old ball and chain has for me.  I'm about worn out already........that sixty degrees doesn't sound so good any more.