Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Field Trialing- Bandit goes NSTRA

This is Glen, a hunting friend, and Bandit, my dog Ace's male pup.  Bandit, not quite two, took to the NSTRA fields this weekend and tore them up.  He was fast, accurate, staunch and biddable.  And, after all that bragging, he had a Fourth place finish on Saturday and Third place finish on Sunday- thereby qualifying for the Georgia Regional Championships in March.  (I am loathe to add, that if his handler (me) could shoot a little better, Bandit would have been in 2nd!)  I do like the NSTRA format since, to me, it most closely, of all the formats, resembles bird hunting.  However, my big disclaimer is that it is a GAME, with rules and innuendos.  It is a rare dog that can swap back and forth with any measure of success.  My Ace dog has been able to do that and it looks like his pups are inheriting the ability to do it, too. Congratulations, Bandit and Glen!  I am sure glad I own half of that dog, so I don't have to compete against him!