Friday, January 15, 2010

Yesterday was a little warm for bird hunting, about 60 degrees.  Around here, some locals won't hunt over 60 for fear of snakes.  We decided to continue, but would knock off if it got any warmer. It was a great decision since the dog work was outstanding and we got into an area of little pressure and lots of birds- Porky Flats, it's now called.  Glen's little Brit, Daisy, really put the boys to shame!  She found several coveys and singles.  It seems like just as soon as we would finish on one bird, we'd hear her beeper again!  All the dogs need a good day to show off- her's was yesterday.

Possible snow today in the area.  That would be super for us.  The increased humidity and ability to discern new tracks will help us find good areas.  This is our last day and we'll be heading out after today's hunt.  We hope to make it a little ways down the road to ease the driving on Saturday.