Monday, January 4, 2010

New Mexico Blues next on the Agenda

We are leaving out on Friday the 8th for a week or so in NM.  Tons of public land and no hunters to speak of- this is a diamond in the rough!  This will be my third season hunting the area.  As I like to do, the first time I hunted there, I used a local guide (Tim Bartlett- 575-631-7375) to show me the techniques used in the local area. That was a tremendous resource and cut my learning curve down a lot. 

As you suspect, the bird population is highly dependent on the weather in the spring and summer months.  This year, they are calling it a poor year, but with local hot spots.  My friends in the area are finding 5-16 coveys of blues per day.  Where I come from, that’s a good day.  To be on the ground with my dogs and busting up 5,6 or 7 coveys, I’m a happy camper!  Well, I’m pretty OK with far fewer than that, but I like to see the action as much as the next guy. 

I’ll keep the blog updated as I go along.  Cell and Net signals are few and far between in the region around Hobbs, we’ll see how it goes.  Here they are close

That’s one “locked down” Brittany- Ace.  “Here they are, Boss!”