Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snow Hunting in SD

Great time yesterday!  Even thought the temp never got above 20 degrees, after humping around the fields and through the drifts, we stayed warm and toasty.  There are lots of birds here (so many that the SD DNR came within one vote on the board of upping the limit to 5 birds per day for the rest of the year) and when Ace pointed I nearly had to kick every clump to get them to fly!  Great hunting!  This part of SD has very little public land, but just south in the Huron area there is plenty.  The birds are fat and full of corn- one we bagged needed a running start to get off the ground.  He barely got the wheels up and he was grounded!  Today will be a balmy 25 degrees and our hosts need to get some outside work done, so we are on our own again with (estimated) 10,000 ac. to hunt.  However, we are taking them out to dinner tonight, if I can stay awake long enough.