Thursday, August 28, 2008


Just visited Billy at the feed store for ProPlan feed, Nutrical, and some medical supplies. I'll hit the vet later for antibiotics and will pick up some gauze and stuff. This year all the dogs have the Rattlesnake Vaccine and I have my usual snake bite kit of injectable benadryl and steroids. I also know where the nearest vet is everywhere I hunt. Speaking of medicals- the stapler I got from my vet last year is great. I've used it three times already for open cuts. Betadine, scissors, athletic tape, and duct tape with Triple antibiotic ointment round out my bag. Actually I have lots of other stuff in there, but those are all important. If one the dogs gets injured they get the best and it's not uncommon. They have a tough life and it's a hard job to do- good thing they love it!